Sunspray™ Spray Oils

High performance, low
toxicity insecticides
and fungicides

Sunspray Oils are paraffinic oils specifically designed to meet the requirements of university researchers for an effective insecticide/acaricide with low toxicity. Available in formulations for a wide variety of crops throughout multiple growing seasons, Sunspray Oils meet stringent specifications for two key properties: unsulfonated residue (UR) and distillation, helping provide effective insect, mite and disease control. Unlike conventional synthetic pesticides that act as poisons, Sunspray Oils "smother" insects and their eggs. Insects may develop resistance to poisons, but none develop resistance to smothering. Sunspray Oils have also been reported to adversely affect cell membrane function, deter feeding, repel insects, interfere with ovipositing and inhibit the spread of plant disease.

Sunspray 6N

A dormant spray oil evaporating quickly and uniformly to provide efficient protection, coupled with a reduced chance of phytotoxicity. Ideal for deciduous fruit production, or as a Spring/Fall citrus spray.

Sunspray 8N

Designed to combat Yellow Sigatoka Disease, a banana and plantain disease.

Sunspray 11N

Designed to be more effective during deep dormancy, because it remains on the plant longer.

Sunspray Oils Properties Chart

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  • Low toxicity
  • Compatible with Integrated Pest Management Programs
  • Increases the effectiveness of some chemical pesticides
  • Reduces the amount of some synthetic organic pesticides needed
  • Increases the effectiveness of some chemical pesticides
  • N products are registered as manufacturing-use for the formulation of end-use products

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