Sunspray™ 6C Spray Oil

A superior horticultural spray oil to be applied only by chemigation

Sunspray 6C, a highly refined 100% mineral oil, is an effective insecticide in chemigation. It controls and kills-on-contact the immature stages of scale insects, aphids and thrips before they can reach their harmful adult capacity, while also suppressing any mite populations. No insect has shown a resistance to this type of control, even after repeated applications.

How Sunspray 6C is used in Chemigation

Sunspray 6C is specially formulated and labeled to be applied only by chemigation. As such, it is not intended for dilution with water in a spray tank. In chemigation it is the rate of water flow that keeps the oil suspended for proper distribution.

Sunspray 6C Properties Chart

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  • Controls/suppresses the immature stages of scales, aphids, thrips and mites.


  • Sunspray 6C kills pests by smothering the insects and their eggs, unlike other pesticides
  • No known build-up of insect resistance


  • Low toxicity
  • Worker safety
  • Restricted entry interval (REI) of 4 hours


  • Knowledgeable Agricultural Science Team
  • In-field technical and regulatory experts

Chart showing various applications for Sunspray 6C

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