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FCA™ Defoamer Oils

Specialized Oils Developed
for Paper and Paint Defoamers

HollyFrontier Specialty Products’ solvent refined oils provide a high level of solubility and compatibility which leads to less formulation time and lower energy costs in all types of defoamers, including applications for coatings, paint, chemicals, paper, and water treatment. HollyFrontier Specialty Products’ FCA oils utilized in the paper defoamer industry typically contain less than 150 ppb of dioxin and furan precursors. These products will perform in non-chlorinated pulp and paper applications, as well as chlorinated applications where precursors are not critical.

FCA Defoamer Oils Typical Properties Chart

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  • High solvency to help extend shelf life
  • Low odor and good color stability
  • FDA 2I CFR178.3620(c) conformance
  • Low dioxin precursor

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