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Hydrolene™ Green
Asphalt Technology

Non-Labeled, Low PAH Oils
for Asphalt

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On the cutting edge of green asphalt technology, Hydrolene LPH, a low PAH oil, and the SP and RF series, non-labeled per the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, offer a variety of viscosities for environmental initiatives. They meet your green asphalt needs in most asphalt applications including roofing, hot-mix asphalt and polymer modified asphalt.

Hydrolene Green Asphalt Technology Typical Properties Chart

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  • Non-labeled per the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.
  • Hydrolene LPH is a low PAH aromatic oil for environmental initiatives.
  • Supplies low temperature flexibility in hot mix asphalt and roofing applications.
  • High flash point and low mass change properties for temperature applications.
  • Improves critical cracking temperatures in performance graded asphalt binders.
  • High density results in lower cost per ton by delivering more pounds per gallon versus comparable lower density oils.
  • Virtually free of asphaltenes, allowing you to balance the asphaltene versus maltene content of the asphalt.

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