Circosol™ 8000EU

The Low PAH, Non-Labeled Oil for Tire & Rubber Compounding

The Clean Aromatic Oil™ for EU compliant tires, Circosol 8000EU is a quick and economical, high aromatic drop-in replacement oil for rubber compounding, providing the same tire performance properties as traditional aromatic oils. Circosol 8000EU is classified as a residual aromatic extract (RAE) and does not require R-45 labeling. It not only meets the EU Directive for tires, it does so at a lower cost when used as a drop-in replacement as compared to the low aromatic naphthenic type oils. No re-compounding is necessary, and tire performance remains the same as traditional aromatic oils.

  • Economical drop-in replacement for non-compliant oil
  • No re-compounding required
  • Full tire performance retained
  • Low PAH, non-labeled, high aromatic oil
  • Meets the European Union Standard Directive 200J/69/EC for non-carcinogenic rubber extender oil for tires

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