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HollyFrontier Corporation ("HOLLYFRONTIER") (NYSE: HFC)

HollyFrontier is principally an independent petroleum refiner that produces high-value light products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, specialty lubricant products and specialty and modified asphalt.

HollyFrontier Corporation, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is an independent petroleum refiner and marketer that produces high value light products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and other specialty products. HollyFrontier owns and operates refineries located in Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah and markets its refined products principally in the Southwest U.S., the Rocky Mountains extending into the Pacific Northwest and in other neighboring Plains states. In addition, HollyFrontier produces base oils and other specialized lubricants in the U.S., Canada and the Netherlands, and exports products to more than 80 countries. HollyFrontier also owns a 57% limited partner interest and a non-economic general partner interest in Holly Energy Partners, L.P., a master limited partnership that provides petroleum product and crude oil transportation, terminalling, storage and throughput services to the petroleum industry, including HollyFrontier.

Holly Energy Partners, L.P. (“HOLLY ENERGY”) (NYSE: HEP)

Holly Energy Partners, L.P. ("HEP") is a Delaware limited partnership formed in early 2004 by HollyFrontier and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. HEP provides petroleum product and crude oil transportation, terminalling, storage and throughput services to the petroleum industry, including HollyFrontier Corporation subsidiaries. The Partnership, through its subsidiaries and joint ventures, owns and/or operates petroleum product and crude gathering pipelines, tankage and terminals in Texas, New Mexico, Washington, Idaho, Oklahoma, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Kansas as well as refinery processing units in Kansas and Utah.

HollyFrontier Specialty Products

HollyFrontier Specialty Products markets base oils, specialty process oils and waxes. The majority of the lubricant and wax products are manufactured in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Petrolia, Pennsylvania and marketed through terminals in California, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, and Connecticut. The principal products consist of paraffinic oils, aromatic oils, waxes, horticultural oils and asphalt modifiers.

Specialty lubricant products are sold in both commercial and specialty markets. Base oil customers include blender-compounders who prepare the various finished lubricants and grease products that are sold to end users. Agricultural oils are formulated into EPA-registered pesticidal oils and adjuvants with herbicides. Process oil customers include the rubber and chemical industries. Specialty waxes are sold primarily to packaging customers as coating material for paper and cardboard and to non-packaging customers in the construction materials, adhesive and candle-making markets.

Asphalt & Heavy Products

HollyFrontier subsidiaries manufacture and market a variety of heavy products including performance-graded (PG) asphalt, fuel oil, vacuum tower bottoms, carbon black oil (slurry), roofing flux and zero pen asphalt (pitch). We market these products to highway contractors, government agencies, construction material suppliers, asphalt maintenance companies and other wholesale customers from the refinery loading racks. We also have asphalt terminals located in Artesia, Albuquerque, and Rosario, New Mexico, Glendale, Arizona, and Catoosa, Oklahoma. At these terminals, we market PG asphalts, modified asphalts, asphalt rubber products, and commodity and modified asphalt emulsion products to a variety of customers and government agencies.